Advertising Is the Best Training for Entrepreneurs.

Justo Guerin
2 min readNov 16, 2021

It’s almost SOFIA DIGITAL AGENCY 4th anniversary and I’m so happy about everything we’ve accomplished. It’s nice to look back at the journey and to share what my career path, my success but mainly my failures have thought me. Here is what 4+ of running SOFIA Digital Agency and tons of years in advertising and marketing have taught me, and I hope it can help someone else too. Advertising and marketing are industries where you are constantly living with the doubt if you, your ideas, your skills are good enough. You need to prove yourself daily in front of coworkers, colleagues, your bosses, clients, competition, and more. Waking up with the feeling you’re not good enough is devastating. If you’re a creative in advertising (which I was) you faced a thousand NO’s weekly. Your partner, your creative director, the ECD, the client, the judges on awards, the consumer of the product, the audience, etc. It’s insane, but also it’s great training. Great training for entrepreneurship. I believe that 99% of creatives in advertising have everything they need to start their own business. More and more of them go that route and they thrive. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, you’re helping other companies to succeed, to distinguish, to stand out, why don’t apply that to your brand?I left my last advertising agency and even though I miss a lot of things about it, I’d never go back to that. The crazy hours, low pay, the unbalanced work/life routine, and working with brands I don’t respect were affecting my mental health worse. When I started SOFIA, I had one clear goal: to work with brands and, more importantly, people that I believe in, I enjoy spending time with, I can learn from, and that are good people. Is it hard? Absolutely. Do always work out. Not at all. Do I get disappointed? Yes, but I learn from those experiences. But all in all, I’m so proud and happy of the journey and the amazing things we have created with my team and helped our clients achieve. For more years, more projects, and more clients to come!